God might use you to give someone Scripture for the first time in their lives.

Connie writes us:

“I received my 1st pocket gospel this Monday, while participating in a vendor show to raise money for a food bank! I have recently been trying to find a good fit for me to learn about the Lord and believe I was brought to this show for a reason! I just finished reading the pocket gospel and cannot wait to read more, and share it with others!!!”

Isn’t wonderful how God does all the work…and all we have to do is to just encourage someone to read it for themselves? Connie’s response is so common when someone discovers truth…they want to share it with others!

There is someone out there who is looking for an opportunity to connect with their creator…and God might just be waiting to use you to reach them! Order some Gospels of John and ignite purpose in someone’s life. We will even send you Gospels free of charge, if you ask us to. www.ptluk.org/order

In Him


Someone near you is waiting to hear from God….

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