None of us likes to be yelled out. If you’ve ever experienced a protester outside a store building or even sat a little too close to the cheerleaders at a sports game, you know that getting someones attention can be effective with a megaphone, but maybe not always convincing.

Perhaps the greatest way to share the Word of God with others is to simply have a conversation!

Tracy from Burton on Trent shares how easy it is for her and her husband to help bring the Word of God back to the UK through relationships and everyday conversations,

“My husband and I often hear people say to us they wouldn’t know how to share the Word of God, that they don’t get opportunities like we do, and that they don’t feel comfortable sharing. We reply to them there are always opportunities wherever you go, and if you are carrying Pocket Testaments, you have the perfect gift to give them when you share your faith.

We both carry Pocket Testaments with us at all times, believing the mission field goes with you wherever you go. My husband has a business training people to operate forklifts and overhead cranes, which takes him into various workplaces all over the UK. During the breaks from training, over coffee, he shares his faith, his testimony and the Word of God. He has led many to Christ in this way and is then able to give them the gift of a Pocket Testament. Last week one of the young men that received Jesus went straight into evangelising that day and led another young man to Jesus.

Sharing the Word of God and sharing our faith starts with a simple conversation. All of us have many conversations every day, in the supermarket, on the train, wherever we go. Why not make that conversation about your faith, about what enriches your life. Share your Good News! You don’t have to carry a soapbox and a megaphone, just have a conversation.”

Like Tracy said, all of us have conversations every day. Why not make at least one about your faith? Be prepared to share and carry Pocket Sized Gospels with you wherever you go. It is time for all of us to bring the Bible back to the UK. Start carrying the Word, say a prayer asking God to guide you, and then wait and see what God does!