I have some exciting news – our summer Gospel covers are here!

The warm weather has finally arrived and with so many people taking a staycation in the UK this year it is a great opportunity to hit the road with a supply of Gospels so you can have a summer with a purpose. 

Jacob from Wednesbury wrote to tell us:

‘I will use the Gospels of John as I am on the road this summer…’

Why not join him?

Our new covers are attractive and can be shared in a range of different situations. Each features an beautiful image on the front and a short note on the back encouraging people to read the text inside. They are a great way to introduce people to Jesus this summer!

Order your summer Gospels here and make sure you always have one at hand to share.

In Jesus,


Ps- We can send you some free Gospels to help you get started if you need us to!