Here at the Pocket Testament League we love to hear your stories!


Sarah from Kent wrote to tell us about her amazing mum:


“My mother uses the Gospels to give to supermarket delivery drivers, neighbours and friends and generally reaching out to her community… She is 88 years old. 


“I was praying for years for good Christian literature to give to strangers, it is so much easier to approach strangers with ‘Please can I give you a booklet about Jesus?’ than to just speak to them.”


Sarah and her mum are an inspiration and they remind me of a story that Jesus told.


In Luke 14:15-24 Jesus told a parable comparing the Kingdom of God to a great banquet. A master sends out his servant to go and invite people to attend the event but not everyone accepts so the master commands the servant to ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled’ (Luke 14:23).


Just like that servant, Jesus has commissioned you and me to go out and extend His invitation to everyone. Are you ready to pass it on?


With our pocket-sized Gospels of John sharing God’s invitation couldn’t be easier. Order yours today!


In Jesus,



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