Housewife Dorothea Clapp felt burdened for students at a local high school and began to pray that God would use them to impact the world. 

One day she gave a Pocket Testament League Gospel of John to a teenage boy named George Verwer. 

Within just a few years, George had surrendered his life to Jesus and in 1957 he set off on his first missions trip – it was a trip that ignited a passion for the lost.

George went on to found Operation Mobilization, a charity with more than 5,000 workers operating in over 100 nations to share the good news about Jesus and His love.

Wherever George went he would bring this challenge, ‘Are you ready to go?’.

George went home to be with Jesus on the 14th April.

Throughout his life, he thanked God for Dorothea and loved to share copies of God’s Word.

In an email to us at the Pocket Testament League last year, George signed off with ‘Celebrating 67 years of distributing Gospels of John, in His grip, George.’

Dorothea had no idea that her Gospel sharing and praying would achieve such incredible results. 

So, are you ready to go? If so, who will you share a Gospel with today?

In His Grip,


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