With so many of us spending our summer holiday in the UK this year. We have explored lots of new activities to adventure closer to home.

Perhaps you have tried your hand on a narrow boat along the canal or a spot of paddle boarding. It’s always fun to try something new!

Jerry from the UK wrote to tell us the wonderful way he is making the most of every opportunity to share God’s love:

“I live by the river and usually talk to passing narrow boats, paddle boarders, kayaks. Some, like ‘Captain Ken’ are regulars and I invited him for a coffee. I asked if he had ever had a spiritual experience and it got us into an interesting conversation… I find it helpful to have something to give away on these occasions. 

“I’m going sailing next week so there may be opportunities. I was once lost at sea, in the channel, and God gave me the course to steer, which took me clear of the rocks and through the middle of the harbour entrance. 

“My picture of life as a Christian is that I’m the helmsman, at the wheel. I could steer anywhere. But Jesus is my Skipper, standing where I stand when I’m talking to others, guiding my words quietly saying ‘a bit more to starboard’… It’s been an adventure but He has kept me off the rocks.”

Many people in the UK are lost in a sea of sin and brokenness, weighed down by guilt and shame that threatens to pull them under the waves, but the good news of the Gospel is the life raft that can bring them to safety!

Order Gospels today and introduce people across the UK to the only person who can rescue people from their sin, guilt and shame – Jesus!

In Him,


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