Who started it all?

Helen Cadbury. Yes!…the daughter of Richard Cadbury who ran the famous chocolate factory.

Helen became a Christian at the age of 16 (in 1893, in Birmingham) and always brought a pocket-sized New Testament with her to school. Helen’s friends
were curious about the book she was reading and she simply shared her
faith with them. She organised a group of girls who sewed pockets onto their
dresses to carry the small New Testaments that her father provided. The girls named their group “The Pocket Testament League”, pledging to read a portion of the Bible every day, to pray and to share their faith as God provided opportunities.

The same vision still drives Bridge-Builders’ ministry today. During these years, the ministry has enjoyed tremendous success, reaching people for Christ.

The Pocket Testament League spreads around the world

The worldwide spread started when Helen met and married the American evangelist, Charles Alexander, in 1904. Charles caught Helen’s vision and his experience in evangelism added huge impetus to the work of encouraging Christians to read, carry and share God’s word.

In 1914, an International Headquarters was opened in London and with the outbreak of the First World War, New Testaments were given to soldiers training on Salisbury Plain. These servicemen pledged to read a chapter each day and to carry it with them wherever they went. Thousands came to know Christ as Saviour and Lord through this early ministry.

“If only we can get people to read the book [the Bible] for themselves, it will surely lead them to Christ.”

Charles Alexander

In the 1950s and 60s, Billy Graham was a great encouragement, commenting, “I am completely sold on the work of The Pocket Testament League, and continue to pray for those associated with it.”
Today, under our newer name “Bridge-Builders”, we continue to support our sister organisations in other countries, however our main focus is on personal evangelism in the UK, encouraging Christians to actively engage with those who have not yet heard about Christ.

Helen Cadbury Alexander died in 1969, but The Pocket Testament League (Bridge-Builders) and its members continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Millions of copies of the gospel have been given away since the start of this world-changing ministry.  All of this happened because one brave young woman had the vision to bring the Word of God to lost souls around her.

Bridge-Builders itself only works in the UK and because of copyright restrictions our materials can’t be sent outside of the UK. However, we have sister organisations in other countries
– Australia,  Thailand,  India,  Germany,  Spain,  Portugal,  Canada  and the USA. Read more about them on our PTL section here.

What about you?

Could you be part of this amazing story and continue the legacy begun by Helen Cadbury?  Membership is free, and so are the gospels you will share.  All it takes is a desire to share your faith. Join us today!