“Bridge-Builders” or “Pocket Testament League”?

Both! But to be precise, Bridge-Builders is the business name of The Pocket Testament League Ltd., a company limited by guarantee, registered in England no. 1461289. Reg. charity no: 281910.

We adopted the name Bridge-Builders in 2004 to reflect our desire to help Christians to build bridges as they connect with friends, family and neighbours, to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

How can you give gospels away at such a low cost?

Our ministry is made possible by gifts from individuals, churches, trusts and legacies. For over a century, Bridge-Builders has depended on donations and legacies to enable registered members of Bridge-Builders to obtain gospels to give away. Join with us in praying that God will continue to provide resources to cover the cost of this ministry, including the cost of printing the booklets, making it possible for us to keep giving gospels away gospels. Joining Bridge-Builders is completely free, and we simply suggest donations towards printing costs, for the gospels themselves.

How do I order gospels?

Simply login or register. For large orders, of more than a few hundred copies, please contact us first, using the contact form, so that we can advise you about availability.

Can we order large numbers of booklets for special outreach events?

Yes. Many churches and organisations use our gospels and seasonal booklets for outreach events. We cannot sell the gospels because of copyright restrictions, but we do ask for help in covering the cost of bulk orders. We therefore suggest appropriate donations (see the tables on the order page).

Contact us through the contact form to discuss your needs with us.

Can I sell the gospels?

No. Our gospels are provided free of charge and cannot be sold. Our licensing agreements do not allow these gospels to be sold at any time.

Do you have other gospels?

We currently provide John’s gospel in the New International Version (NIV), under the title Love is the Bridge and Mark’s Gospel in the New Living Translation (NLT), under the title The Key to Life. (Mark is also available in large print.)

As well as these full gospels, we also produce shorter seasonal booklets (Christmas Journeys, and The Story of Easter) based on selections from the gospel texts.

I’m not an “evangelist”. Can I do this?

You don’t need a special label, or special training, in order to tell others about Christ. Just as the earliest disciples encouraged each other to come and hear what Jesus had to say, you can simply let others know what you have discovered about following Jesus. Bridge-Builders is here to help you. You may be amazed at how God uses your life and situation to help further His kingdom. Read some of the true member stories featured to see examples.

Do I need special training?

No special training is required. God will often give you just the right words to say as you talk with your friends and neighbours. Please do, however, look at our recommended training and resources to help improve the way in which you engage with others, how you explain your faith or even being alert to the opportunities that God provides. Our National Directors could also come to your church for a training session. Contact us for details.

How do I contact you?

Click here and fill in our contact form (also available from the bottom of the home page). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I join?

Follow the instructions here. Any issues please do contact us.

I’m not a Christian, what about me?

If you are not a Christian or you are uncertain of exactly what you believe, we would like to send you a free copy of the gospel of John and a helpful explanation of how you can know God personally. You should also have a look at some of our recommended resources for more information about the Christian faith. Please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

In short…

We promise to hold your data securely and to use it only to communicate with you about your orders/questions; to process your payments and to send you news about Bridge-Builders.

When you make a donation through our website, you understand that your payment details will be passed through securely to WorldPay, the company that handles our online payments.

You must respect our website and not post content that might be considered offensive.

For our full terms and conditions, click here.

Need help to log in?

To log in, you need your email address and password that you gave yourself when you first setup your online profile with Bridge-Builders.

Forgotten your password?

Click here to access the log-in page where you can request that your password is reset. This information will be sent to the email address we have on file in our system.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.


I need help with something else…

If we haven’t been able to answer your question here, then please contact us and we’ll try our best to assist.