With thousands of members in the Leauge around the world, we’ve collected a few helpful tips from members on different ways to use our pocket-sized Gospels of John to share your faith.

Here are our 10 ways to use a Gospel of John!

Tip #1: Be sure to have a Gospel handy!

Keep a gospel in your pocket or bag, in the glove compartment of your car or near your house phone so that if the opportunity arises you can give it away.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a worthwhile conversation with somebody who would accept a gospel and not having one to give to them.

Carrying a gospel also helps remind you that you’re aiming to make sharing your faith part of your lifestyle.

Tip #2: Use the end pages

The end pages of ‘Love is the Bridge’ (pages 61-68) contain a gospel presentation using the bridge illustration.  Read this through a few times so you are familiar with it.

It is possible to use these pages to explain the Gospel or you could read these pages aloud to somebody. You may prefer to share these pages using the illustrations and scripture verses and explaining them in your own words. It would help to practice this with another Christian.

After sharing with somebody from the end pages, always recommend that they read the gospel of John.

Tip #3: Explain how the first page is intriguing

When encouraging people to read the gospel of John, it could be helpful to explain that the first page (first 14 verses) may seem hard to understand initially.  The story really gets going on the second page.  Having said this, the rest of the gospel picks up many of the amazing things said about Jesus in the first 14 verses!

Tip #4: Get to know John!

In order to be able to use the content of the gospel, you will need to give time to reading and studying it for yourself.  Ask the Lord to speak to you as you read.  Often it is those passages or verses that have meant something to us, which we are able to point out and prove most powerful when sharing with others.

Tip #5: Highlight one verse

John 3:16 is perhaps the most popular and well-known verse in the Bible. Highlight the verse and you the person you are sharing with how important it is. If appropriate you could put their name in the verse to show the impact for a person who believes:

“For God so loved (their name) that he gave his one and only Son, that if (their name) believes…”

It is a good idea to mark the verse with a pencil line in the margin or put a piece of paper on the page so they can find the verse again.

Another great verse to highlight or underline is John 5:24: “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.”

When pointing out this verse, you can explain it using the diagrams on pages 64 and 65 of ‘Love is the Bridge’.

Tip #6: Share a number of verses to present a theme

There are themes throughout the Gospel of John that you can use to share the overall message of the gospel. For example – ‘The offer of life.’

Page 58: John 20:31- The reason the Gospel was written – “that by believing you may have life”

Page 9: John 3:15- The life on offer is “eternal life”

Page 10: John 3:36 – Eternal life does not start when you die but when you put your faith in Jesus. “Has eternal life” is a present possession

Page 48: John 17:3 -Eternal life is “knowing God”

Page 10: John 3:36- This life is accepted by faith

A subject like this can be written on a card and you can go through it step by step.  You can then give the card to the person allowing them to look at the verses again.

Tip #7: Explain one passage from John

It might be overwhelming for someone who has never read the Bible to read the whole thing all at once. A good way to introduce the message is to ask “May I just show you one passage from this fantastic book?”

For example
John 1     Jesus the creator
John 3     Being ‘born again’
John 8     The deity of Christ
John 10   How to follow Jesus
John 20   The experience of Thomas

Tip #8: Share one story

Everybody loves a good story, and thankfully the Gospel of John is full of stories. Here are some stories you could share.

John 2     Water into wine
John 4     The woman at the well
John 6     Feeding of 5000
John 11   Lazarus raised from the dead

There are many other passages and stories in the Gospel of John which are also well worth sharing in conversation.

Tip #9: Invite someone to study the Gospel of John

If you have a close enough relationship with someone,  you could ask if they would meet with you regularly to study the Gospel of John together.

Read a chapter together and then encourage your friend to ask questions and to chat about the content of that particular chapter.

Three basic questions to ask:

  1. What does the passage tell us about Jesus?
  2. What does it teach us about man?
  3. What does Jesus call us to do?

The gospel of John reveals Jesus to be the Son of God. Like God, Jesus is able to do things like knowing our hearts and lives (John 4), heal people with a word (John 5), produce lots of food from practically nothing (John 6) and raise someone who is dead (John 11).

It shows us that man often misunderstands Jesus or rejects him outright even though he demonstrates that He is God. We still do that today. Jesus calls us to believe in Him.

Tip #10: Ask to read the Gospel and then meet to discuss

If you give a gospel to somebody you see regularly, ask if you could meet up with them to try to answer any questions they may have after they have read it.

Don’t worry if there are questions which you don’t know how to answer. It is okay to admit that and your friend will appreciate your honesty too. But promise to get back to them and be sure you do. Ask a more mature Christian, your pastor or youth worker or email us – we would be happy to help if we can!

We hope these tips are helpful as you start sharing the Word of God with others!